Prinz Charles He showed understanding for the climate protesters – but criticized the extreme forms of protest. “I totally understand the frustration,” said the eldest son. Queen Elizabeth II In an interview with BBC. It is important to understand the “desperation” of many young people in particular. “But I don’t think doing it in such a way as to make people alienate is useful,” said the heir to the British throne. his son too Prince William The issue of climate protection is important. Now he said he was worried about the future of his children’s generation BBC.

His son recently had a frightening experience at school. “George has been collecting trash recently with his class and when I talked to him about it, I noticed he was a bit confused,” William said. “He was upset because the next day they were collecting garbage on the same road and back on the road again.” Then little George tried to classify the situation. “He couldn’t understand it,” said William. “We asked, ‘Clean up, why didn’t the trash go away?'” It would be a disaster for him if George had to sit here in 30 years and talk about the same things because it would be too late.

Climate protection is more important than space tourism

Additionally, the 39-year-old said he had “absolutely no interest” in a trip to space. Al-Malaki added that there are “fundamental questions” about carbon dioxide emissions from flights into space. Prince William says finding solutions to climate change is more important than searching for habitable planets in space.

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