In the United States, racism against whites is widespread, and taking political correctness to the extreme can have “regrettable consequences.” This was pointed out by Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov. Russia supports the fight against racism, but it is important not to slip into other extremes, he said in an interview with political scientists on state television last week, as we have seen in cases like Black Lives Matter. The server informs about it Moscow Times.

“We were the pioneers of a movement to promote equal rights for people of all colors,” Lavrov said of Russia. However, he said the situation in the United States had reached a climax.

He accused the United States of trying to spread its “cultural revolution” to the world. “Hollywood is changing its rules so that everything reflects the diversity of modern society,” he added, adding that he saw it as a form of censorship. “I saw black people in Shakespeare’s jokes. I do not know when I will see White Othello,” he said, referring to the famous dark-skinned protagonist from the tragedy of the British playwright William Shakespeare’s of the same name.

“You see this as absurd. Politics that prohibits absurdity does not end right,” Minister Lavrov concluded.

Relations between the two powers have been frozen recently. New US President Joe Biden last month called Russian President Vladimir Putin a “killer” and threatened to retire in retaliation for Russia’s interference in last year’s US presidential election. Moscow responded angrily, suggesting that Putin hold another direct debate with his American opponent. Biden refused, saying he would meet with Putin in due course.

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