Russia announces naval exercises

About ten thousand soldiers will participate in the planned exercises: Amid tensions with Ukraine and its Western partners, Russia plans large-scale naval exercises.

Russia He announced large-scale naval exercises in the Atlantic, Arctic, Pacific and Mediterranean oceans. On Thursday, the Russian Defense Ministry said that more than 140 ships, more than 60 aircraft and about a thousand pieces of other military equipment are taking part in the exercises planned for January and February. It is said that about 10,000 soldiers participated.

Due to the massive movements of Russian forces on the Ukrainian border, the West fears an imminent Russian invasion Ukraine. Moscow says that the troops are deployed on Russian soil and therefore do not threaten “anyone”. For weeks, the West has been threatening Moscow with dire consequences if it invades Ukraine.

Diplomatic efforts to contain the crisis are currently in full swing. Federal Minister of Foreign Affairs Annala Barbuk Received the US Secretary of State on Thursday Anthony Blinkand her French colleague Jean-Yves Le Drian and Deputy Foreign Minister of Great Britain James Cleverly for consultations in Berlin. A meeting with Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov in Geneva was on Blinken’s agenda on Friday.

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