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How to save a million and how to lose a billion

Europe is one of the countries that has lost the West in vaccination. We are a loser in those failures. In a discipline that is the only light at the end of the dark tunnel of corona virus isolation. World leader Israel was able to pay 102 doses to one lakh people. He was preceded in death by 128-dose Gibraltar, followed by 83.5-dose Seychelles. United Arab Emirates 67.5, Britain 34.65 dose. USA with dimensions of 27.82. Chile with 25.8 sizes. Hungary with a size of 14.09, the EU champion on the tail compared to other developed countries. It was followed by Denmark with sizes of 12.83. Behind it is an idea to grow Morocco with one million people with 12.5 benefits. With a size of 9.83, Germany lags behind the Baltic states, Poland, Slovenia and Slovakia. We have 8.06 sizes on the EU tail. These are all official data from reputable statistics Our world in data.

All three qualities brought Europe and Chechnya in particular that tail. The first two are familiar. Weak capacity of logistics and organization. Create something quick in the style of a combat action. There is a crisis, I will set clear priorities, I will set everything aside and act. It has long been rooted in a complex bureaucracy that weighs heavily on Europe and Secunderabad. It is now burning like an epidemic because that inaction costs unnecessary sacrifices, restrictions on freedom, billions.

Another feature has been added to this. Ugly in the wrong place. Unable to oversee the effects of saving a million, but I would lose a billion because of it.

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Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu aptly says his country is willing to pay any amount to get the vaccines delivered quickly. She knew in that look that he had succeeded. This will allow her to finally stop the devastating closures of the economy. The English did the shopping anyway. Americans have poured huge sums into vaccine development. Thanks to them, we have them at the time of registration. They don’t count every dollar. They knew it was an investment.

On the contrary, the EU, represented in the purchases of bureaucracies, has ridiculed itself. She wanted the lowest price. So he finished last in the world front for vaccines. As for Chile, the United Arab Emirates. He never used to be a huge customer with 450 million customers.

Bobby’s government has been following the same naughty strategy since the spring. That’s why we are where we are. Now this is reflected in the antigenic tests he is currently ordering companies. Instead of the insurance companies paying them back in full for the trials or at least the government deducting them from taxes, they auction off how much they owe the companies. Of course, they naturally send people to public, government-funded testing sites. At the same time, it will be easier for them to purchase mass antigen tests. These are already being sold in Kaufland, and they will be sold by other chains in the future. It will definitely cost you some money. But it is certainly many times cheaper than the billions of crowns a day that the prohibited economy spends.

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This is one of the reasons why people are so motivated to stay home and go for tests. Instead of simple motivation, a bureaucratically meaningless solution is demanded. Austria or Switzerland tie 100% income compensation regardless of salary to a positive PCR test. The victim and his or her contacts are sent for isolation by health.

Instead, the government wisely wanted to raise one hundred percent sick leave wisely, which killed the opportunity to provide compensation to the victims of the coup.

Bureaucratic thinking and mischief in bad places destroy life and kill. Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu knows this. Maybe he will explain it to Andrzej Bobby today. This may be the biggest advantage of a trip to Tel Aviv.

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