Home Top News “We have nothing”: an angry Parsa chases Tempel out of the yard

“We have nothing”: an angry Parsa chases Tempel out of the yard

“We have nothing”: an angry Parsa chases Tempel out of the yard

“We have nothing”
An angry Parsa chases Tempel out of court

Ousmane Dembélé’s time at FC Barcelona comes to an early and glorious end: the former Borussia Dortmund striker must leave the club immediately – and then receive bad words. However, the professional consultant puts things differently.

FC Barcelona immediately parted ways with French footballer Ousmane Dembélé. “It is clear that the player does not want to stay in Barcelona and that he is not involved in Barசாa’s future plans,” Catalans football director Matteo Alemani said in a video posted on the club’s website. That is why Dembélé and his advisers Alemany continued that “he should leave immediately because we need dedicated players and we hope a transfer is possible before January 31st”.

Barசாa have been in talks with the former Dortmund striker and his agent since July 2021. “We offered various offers, trying to find a way for the player to stay with us. These offers were duly rejected by his agents,” Alemani said. Coach Xavier Hernandez had warned Tempele earlier in the day that he would extend his contract, which expires on June 30. Otherwise he would no longer play for the Spanish club. “Whether he extends or we’ll settle the player’s exit case. Dembélé is no longer available for this game.

“There were only threats”

The Spanish media wrote that Tempele had repeatedly assured the coach that he would like to stay in Bara. But his agent Moussa Sissoko did not accept the offer made five months ago because the club wanted Tempele to pay a significantly lower salary in the future. Speaking to French radio station RMC, Sissoko criticized the club’s behavior: “If Barcelona wanted to negotiate, they could have tried to sit down with us and talk, but there was no conversation, only threats, not theirs. Team.

The financially and athletically weakened club owes 35 1.35 billion. Barசாa is trying to reduce the level of salary or comply with the rules of the league for the total amount of professional salary through the sale or loan of professionals.

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