Rudy Giuliani: Investigators are searching the residence of Trump's attorney
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Investigators search the home of Trump’s lawyer, Giuliani

Media: Investigators search the home of Trump Giuliani's lawyer Media: Investigators search the home of Trump Giuliani's lawyer

76-year-old Rudy Giuliani is under investigation for his role in the Ukraine case

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Investigations against Donald Trump’s attorney Rudy Giuliani have been repeatedly blocked. Now there appears to be a huge shift: In New York, the authorities have implemented a search warrant.

UAccording to media reports, S investigators in New York and the office of former President Donald Trump’s attorney, Rudy Giuliani, have searched. The “The New York Times” As well as TV channels CNN NBC reported on Wednesday, citing unknown sources, the action taken by the authorities against the 76-year-old man, who is being investigated for his role in the Ukrainian case. Accordingly, the electronic devices of the former New York mayor were confiscated, which is a rare occurrence among attorneys.

First, the New York Times. Make searches in the Upper East Side of Manhattan and Giuliani’s office in New York public. It’s about his involvement in the Ukraine case, which led to the first impeachment measures against former President Donald Trump for abuse of power. According to the newspaper, the New York State Attorney’s Office and the FBI are investigating whether Giuliani was applying illegal pressure on Ukrainian officials and oligarchs in Washington in 2019.

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Trump’s camp, which was voted in in November, tried in the presidential campaign to link Trump’s rival Joe Biden to allegedly suspicious deals of his son Hunter Biden in Ukraine. Giuliani, Trump’s private attorney since April 2018, played a key role in the project and unsuccessfully urged Ukrainian authorities to investigate Biden. Biden won the election last November and has been President of the United States since January.

After Trump’s election defeat, Giuliani led the president-elect’s efforts to challenge the election result. Giuliani helped over and over again Weird appearances The baseless allegations of election fraud sparked an uproar. A voting machine manufacturer has sued the lawyer for damages of $ 1.3 billion (roughly € 1.1 billion) in damages for defamation.

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The search for property by the investigating authorities does not yet mean that Giuliani’s guilt can be assumed. However, the mandate of a judge against a lawyer, especially from the former president, is rare. It also marks an important point in the investigation against Giuliani, which has gone on for a long time and, according to American media, has been repeatedly blocked by the Trump administration.

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