Announcement: IKK - Innovation Box: More Than Just Sports Applications: Digital Assistants Against Fear, Osteoporosis or Migraines

Digital select apps promote health quickly and safely. If they are identified, help is possible quickly and regardless of location.


April 29, 2021, 12:00 am

The digital world is full of promises – also and especially for those who want to take care of their health. Health-promoting apps appear as mushrooms. However, not all programs are recommended. On the one hand, high-quality digital health apps (DiGA) can support patients with anxiety, mental illness, obesity, tinnitus, sleep training, migraines, and aftercare for patients with stroke, back, knees, hips and therefore also spine. Since Fall 2020, clinicians and psychotherapists have been able to describe select digital applications at the expense of statutory health insurance.

Digital health applications are medical devices with a health related purpose, whose primary function is primarily based on digital technologies. It is designed to help promote good health, as well as detect, monitor and treat disease. It also compensates for injuries or disabilities. Digital list Medical applications can be found here.

A short road to DiGA

A clinical therapist or therapist will consider whether the Digital Health app illustrates the clinical picture. Then the physician or psychotherapist will issue a prescription for the corresponding DiGA with the diagnosis. Then the prescription is submitted to your health insurance company. Alternatively, if there is a similar indication, patients can independently choose a specific application and submit an application to their health insurance company.

This then scans the app and finally sends the required activation code so that patients can use the app. The application downloaded to the device can be activated with the help of an activation code and used for free during the specified period – on and off.

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Devices used in everyday life are excluded from health insurance funding, but may be linked to the use of the app. For example, it’s a bathroom scale used with the DiGA zanadio app.

Not every health app is also a digital health app. A prerequisite for approval as a DiGA is to be certified as a low-risk medical device.

Invirto – the remedy against fear

How to deal with scary situations in a targeted and home manner and what successes can be read for free on the IKK website This article was created as part of the #diagnosenorddeutsch project, and here IKK – Die Innovationskasse deals with various health topics.

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