Twelve residents have already moved into the place of the famous Big Brother in 2021. Big Brother’s world is not filled with it. Four more candidates are due to go to Prom BP on Monday.

Before the start of the famous Big Brother, Sat.1 did not make a big secret about who is in the ninth season. The broadcaster did not want to reveal the exact number of participants. Although station boss Daniel Roseman refused to make any statement, Jason Shroff tried to get himself out of the affair with a diplomatic statement. There must be at least twelve celebrities according to him.

Celebrity Big Brother 2021 Candidates: Four stars are yet to come

Not only that, but fans can already count on their fingers that it should be above twelve stars. Thanks to the extended three weeks, Saturday 1st Prom Big Brother 2021 requires more than the usual 12 participants. For this reason, Big Brother invited 16 participants to his world to launch last year.

New residents head to Promise BP on Monday

To get this number of residents in Prom Big Brother 2021, four more candidates are yet to be found. But they will not go into space until next Monday as part of a three-hour live show, Jochen Shroff revealed at the opening show. However, the BP evaluator did not mention any names.

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