Rhode Island hiker triumphs over rabid coyote using bare hands after leg bite

Title: Brave Hiker Fends Off Rabid Coyote Attack in Rhode Island Woods

Date: [Insert Date]

Location: Johnston, Rhode Island

In a remarkable act of bravery, a hiker from Rhode Island fought off a rabid coyote using only his bare hands during a terrifying encounter on Friday. The incident took place as the man was exploring the picturesque woods of Johnston, approximately 10 miles west of Providence.

The hiker, whose identity has not been revealed, managed to subdue the aggressive coyote by pinning it down and cutting off its air supply. This courageous act saved his life and potentially prevented further harm to others who frequent the area.

Authorities suspect that this particular coyote was also responsible for another attack on a dog walker in the neighboring town of Scituate. Subsequent investigations by the Rhode Island Department of Environmental Management (DEM) confirmed the coyote’s infection with the rabies virus.

To ensure the safety of residents and visitors who may have encountered the coyote in Johnston or Scituate, officials are urging anyone with relevant information to contact the Rhode Island State Health Laboratories. Furthermore, pet owners in the affected areas are advised to reach out to their veterinarians if their pets have had any interactions with coyotes.

Rhode Island has witnessed only three reported cases of rabid coyotes since 1994, making such attacks on humans incredibly rare. While coyotes typically avoid confrontations with humans, this incident serves as a reminder of the potential dangers that wildlife can pose, especially when infected with diseases such as rabies.

The hiker’s courageous actions highlight the importance of remaining vigilant and taking necessary precautions while exploring natural habitats. Local authorities and wildlife agencies continue to work together to monitor the situation and ensure the safety of residents and wildlife alike.

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