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Keep up to date on the Mpox outbreak in Cuyahoga County – Bio Prep Watch

The Cuyahoga County Board of Health (CCBH) has issued a warning about an Mpox outbreak in the county, with nine reported cases ranging from 17 to 44 years old. Mpox, which presents as a lesion or rash on the body, is in the same family as smallpox and was part of a global outbreak in 2022.

Symptoms of Mpox include flu-like symptoms, fever, chills, and body aches. Risk factors for contracting the disease include multiple sexual partners, previous sexually transmitted infections, and engaging in anonymous or commercial sex.

Fortunately, diagnostic testing and the Jynneos Mpox vaccine are available at local medical providers and CCBH clinics. The public can contact CCBH to make an appointment for testing or vaccination, with more information available on the CCBH website.

Preventative measures such as the Jynneos vaccine and proper treatment are crucial in reducing the spread of Mpox, which is primarily transmitted through skin-to-skin contact and respiratory secretions. Infected individuals should be isolated until all scabs have fallen off and fresh skin has formed.

Efforts are being made to educate and vaccinate the community, with the Central Outreach Wellness Center in Cleveland Heights and the LGBT Community Center of Greater Cleveland offering vaccination events and resources. Leaders are also working closely with CCBH to disseminate more information about the local Mpox outbreak.

In light of this concerning development, it is essential for residents to stay informed, take appropriate precautions, and seek medical attention if experiencing any symptoms related to Mpox.

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