Home Top News Report: The attack on Lukashenko has been prevented

Report: The attack on Lukashenko has been prevented

Report: The attack on Lukashenko has been prevented

Was an armed uprising planned? It appears that the KGB prevented an attack on Governor Alexander Lukashenko. The situation remains tense in Belarus.

at Belarus It is, according to the FSB, an attack on those in power Alexander Lukashenko Been banned. The Moscow Federal Security Service announced Saturday evening that two men have been arrested with authorities in neighboring Belarus in Moscow. One of the members of the opposition is also an American citizen.

The head of the Belarusian KGB intelligence service, Ivan Tertil, said in a video that an armed uprising was being prepared in which the leadership overthrew the president, his family and senior officials and were killed. In addition, important buildings were occupied in the former Soviet republic.

Hundreds of thousands of people are still calling for Lukashenko to resign

Lukashenko repeatedly raised the concerns of the residents and accused the opposition of plotting to overthrow the violence. In the context of the mass protests against him, he once said that a revolution like the one in neighboring Ukraine was prevented.

After the presidential elections on August 9 last year, which were widely seen as fraud, hundreds of thousands of people called for Lukashenko’s resignation and for new elections to be held. He was declared winning the election with 80.1% of the vote. The European Union does not recognize Lukashenko as president and has imposed sanctions on Minsk’s apparatus of power. But it still depends on Russia as its most important ally.

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