Formula 1: After the Las Vegas Hammer!  Is this way of worship threatened in the end?

Formula 1: After the Las Vegas Hammer! Fans worried – is this way of worship in danger of extinction?

Formula 1: These are the 10 most legendary roads

Formula 1: These are the 10 most legendary roads

Year after year, Formula 1 holds its races on the most exciting racetracks in the world. We show you the most legendary first-class courses.

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The Formula 1 It’s getting bigger and bigger, the racing calendar is getting longer and the tracks are getting crazier. The path of worship can now fall victim to the obsession of expansion.

After the announcement of the Las Vegas GP, the question arises: which track will not be located in Formula 1 To be there?

Formula 1: Keep track of the excess! Who should go?

There is no longer a grand prix in Germany, the Nürburgring and Hockenheim have given up somewhat. Formula 1 becomes a cost trap for the organizers, and the Grand Prix is ​​simply no longer profitable.

Instead, previously unknown roads are making their way into Formula 1: Saudi Arabia and Qatar and two new races for the USA are on the racing calendar. New markets, new money – this is the path of expansion of the head of Formula One Stefano Domenicali.

The Italians also do not rule out the possibility of adding more new tracks in the coming years. South Africa is considered a potential candidate or a second grand prize in China.

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Formula 1: The limit is 24 races

In 2023, three tracks will definitely be added to the current racing calendar. Shanghai is back, and Las Vegas and Qatar are joining forces. The racing calendar currently consists of 23 races, but since the elimination of Russia, there are only 22.

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According to the portal “The Race”, Formula 1 is contractually tied to a maximum of 24 races. For 2023, there are currently 25 tracks on the calendar. In all likelihood, the race will be canceled – and that’s exactly where he could hit a cult track.


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Formula 1: Are these ways of worship superior to it?

The contracts of France (Le Castellet), Belgium (SPA) and Mexico expire after the end of the season. The contract with Monaco also expires in 2022, but according to a report by “The Race”, the organizers have the option to extend it.

as rated gates France and Belgium are in great danger. There can be two traditional races at stake. Fans do not like it at all, the essence of Formula 1 is still in Europe.

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In order to achieve more diversity and not completely exclude anyone, there could soon be a principle of rotation. The routes can alternate from year to year. This model is currently the subject of heated debate.


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