This is why taking a nap every afternoon is not necessarily a good sign

A very serious study has found a link between naps and Alzheimer’s disease. details.

Nothing is better than a good afternoon nap after a good meal, or after a long day at work.

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However, this moment of relaxation and rest can be a harbinger of a neurodegenerative disease that affects many elderly people.

Of course we want to talk about Alzheimer’s disease!

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Taking naps every afternoon, a bad sign?

That’s at least what a University of California study reveals, the results of which have just been published in the journal Alzheimer & Dementia.

For nearly 15 years, researchers observed the behavior of 1,400 people with an average age of 81.

Equipped with a device that measured their mobility and their nap times, these people also underwent cognitive tests that led to a very curious judgment.

Scientists have already noted that people with Alzheimer’s disease took naps on average for 68 minutes versus only 24 minutes for those whose cognitive abilities were deteriorating without getting sick.

On the other hand, the researchers realized that the people who slept the most fell ill within six years of starting the experiment.

In summary, the study showed that the risk of Alzheimer’s disease increases when daily naps exceed one hour.

Ideally, it would be necessary to take a short nap or even a small one so that you are not exposed to any risks and thus sleep in complete peace.

To do this, the best ally is the alarm clock, so remember to set it well before you collapse on the sofa.

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