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Record 48 match bans for head buttons

Record 48 match bans for head buttons


In one of the football matches in the fourth regional class of Vorarlberg, the player received the highest possible penalty for a foul: he was banned from playing 48 matches. Viktoria Bregenz 1b is said to have broken an opponent’s nose with a header in the match against SPG Göfis/Satteins 1b on 11 September.

An amateur player is not allowed to play more games until 2023. The Vorarlberger Verband has issued a ban on 48 games, which, according to the association, is the highest penalty – and has now been announced for the first time in the history of the Vorarlberger Verband, managing director Horst Elsner told ORF.

Just glimpsed a nod

The Viktoria 1b player caused a scandal on September 11th when his team duel against SPG Göfis/Satteins 1b in the fourth national division, Krone reports. Accordingly, the player indicated that he had been hit in the head towards the end of the match, received a yellow card and was sent off for yellow and red. The referee explained the decision based on the information that the attempt was indeed punishable.

The club has already excluded players

According to the newspaper, the footballer reportedly attacked his opponent – and reportedly broke his nose with a head kick. The incident was reported to the police, who operated on the head-kick victim last week. Victoria Bregens has already stated that she has removed the suspended player from the club after the incident.

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