Home Top News RDL: Henning Palm on patrol – suddenly he has to intervene

RDL: Henning Palm on patrol – suddenly he has to intervene

RDL: Henning Palm on patrol – suddenly he has to intervene

RDL: “The Last Bull” Henning Palm on Real Patrol – Suddenly Things Get Intensified

Henning Palm takes a look behind the scenes at police for RDL.

Henning Palm takes a behind-the-scenes look at police at RDL.

Photo: TVNOW

For a long time Henning Palm appeared on TV as “The Last Bull”. This method is for the actor R.D.L. On the go – but in real police life.

“Working for Henning Palm – Behind the Scenes of Police” (R.D.L.) Eisner looks at the police work mission in Saxony.

RDL: Henning Palm on patrol – then things get serious

Among other things, the 48-year-old is on patrol with police officers in Leipzig. R.D.L.-Cameras come with the group. Suddenly an alarm sounds. “We got an instruction on the radio that three young men in the tax office were fighting with each other,” says police officer Philip.


This is Henning Palm:

  • Born September 20, 1972 in Essen
  • He is best known for the series “With Heart and Handcuffs”, “The Last Bull” and “Jim Button and Look at the Engine Driver”.
  • In the 4th season of “The Muscat Singer” he finished eighth as a quack


As soon as he arrives at the crime scene, one of the suspects gets up and runs away. Henning Palm did not think twice. “When the police focus on a suspect, I follow the fugitive on my own,” the actor explains.

And successfully! He can deliver that man and lead the authorities. One police officer explains: “Henning left the man alone. But there is no problem with that, because any ordinary citizen can detain a criminal in this act. “


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Contrary to what was reported, all three were adults and about the robbery. They all issue three different statements. The police now have to clarify the matter themselves. Henning Palm did not work.

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As RDL announced Thursday, Henning Palm will soon be featured in the TV Now series. He is currently in the lead role in front of the camera for the family drama “King of Palma”. Read more here >>> (CS)

Missed episode in RDL? You can with them TV Now See above.

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