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Real Life Men: Bickenbacher Youtuber an Krebs gestorben | hessenschau.de

Real Life Men: Bickenbacher Youtuber an Krebs gestorben |  hessenschau.de

He fought cancer for years. Now YouTuber Philip Mechenbecker has died in southern Hesse due to his tumor disease. The 23-year-old has openly discussed his illness online.

YouTuber Philip Meckenbecker and his twin brother Johannes have been excited about their channel “The Real Life” for years friendsTheir fan base with crazy construction videos – straight from Bickenbach (Darmstadt-Dieburg). But last year a serious topic also appeared on the agenda: Philip Meckenbecker publicly announced his cancer on the internet and spoke openly about his tumor – the ultimate cancer of the lymphatic system.

Now, at the age of 23, the young man has died of his illness, as his brother Johannes and his friends did on Thursday in a video clip on the joint “Life” channel. LionJohannes said Philip had already died in hospital on June 9, and was bleeding profusely, his brother reported.

Brother: “I feel better now”

Although the bleeding in the hospital eased for a short time, the crew saw no hope of improvement. He died on Wednesday in the presence of his brother Johannes and his friends. His brother said the day before Philip died, Philip had reconciled with cancer. Johannes said he was not in any pain and “slept with a smile”. “It’s now a thousand times better than if it was here.”

Mickenbecker was first diagnosed with cancer at age 16. Chemotherapy was initially successful – before the tumor returned. In 2020, this was the third time the Cancer had contacted Philip. Eventually he gave up chemotherapy and trusted God.

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Cell Phone Gone – Real Life

Mickenbecker told hessenschau.de in November that he wanted to tell people they should spend less time using their mobile phones and computers. Instead, young people should live the “real life” and share it with others. He did it himself too. One must realize that life can end very quickly.


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