'Perfect Dinner': Shock for Gina - 'We Can Cancel'

‘Perfect Dinner’: Jenna’s Violent Slip – ‘We Can Cancel’

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03/28/2022 at 5:55 PM

“The Perfect Dinner”: You Definitely Don’t Know These Crazy Facts

“The Perfect Dinner”: You Definitely Don’t Know These Crazy Facts

Even if you’ve been following “The Perfect Dinner” for years, you definitely don’t know these crazy facts.

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This week you can meet a celebrity or two atThe perfect dinneron VOX. It’s influencer week.

37-year-old Jenna is the first. Celebrities on Instagram made a huge mistake – she should’The perfect dinnerCancel now?

‘Perfect Dinner’: This Is Why Candidate Gina Was Totally Shocked

The hairdresser from Erfurt has a very special motto for her menu: “GDR, a culinary journey into the past…simple, delicious!” The blonde wants to cook typical East German home food for her four guests. Good idea – isn’t it?

The 37-year-old does not yet know four other amateur chefs from VOX. Only in the morning did she find out who her comrades-in-arms were. You check the situation on Instagram and suddenly realize something terrible.


Monday evening menu:

  • Appetizers: poultry seasoning
  • Main course: J√§gerschnitzel with firefighter sauce over twisted pasta
  • Dessert: Swedish cup

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Three of the four guests are vegetarians or vegans. How do you know? Influencers have a vegetarian/vegan diet symbol on their resume. Absolute shock to Jenna: “We could actually break up,” she explains. Because the dishes you choose mostly contain animal products.

Is influencer Jenna still saving her ‘Perfect Dinner’ movie?

The hairstylist is a little nervous: “This is killing me! I don’t have enough materials for it and it doesn’t taste like what I want it to show,” she told the VOX team.

Hobby chef Catarina is sure the announcer has a good alternative for her and the other two women. And she seems right. All five “perfect dinner” candidates ate their fill.


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lucky! But you can see how Katarina, Oi, Tati, and Evelina rated the impromptu meal in part on Monday evening (March 28) at 7pm on VOX or earlier on RTL+ Media Library Look.

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