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Pub Detour: Prince Charles has a beer

Pub Detour: Prince Charles has a beer

Turn to the bar
Prince Charles drops a beer

It is clear that Prince Harry’s announcement of the publication of his memoirs did not spoil Father Charles. Or is this the reason for his resort to alcohol? No, he seems to have a lot of fun when he visits a pub in the south of England.

Nobody said being a father was easy. More recently, Prince Charles has had some concerns about his offspring. After all, Prince Harry is stirring up a lot of excitement in the royal family – most recently announcing that he would like to publish his memoirs soon.


He doesn’t seem to be in a bad mood.

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But the 72-year-old heir to the throne seems to match the hype with the serenity of old age. At least it is not allowed to be seen in public. On the contrary: Charles and his wife, Duchess Camilla, were in good spirits on a trip through southern England.

Exhibition and ice cream

First, the couple went to the art gallery “The Burton at Bideford” in Devon on Wednesday, which is currently celebrating its 70th anniversary. Charles and Camilla greeted fans and well-wishers before seeing the exhibition by photographer James Raffles. Camilla wore a light blue linen dress and cream lace canopy, while Prince Charles opted for a beige suit.


Duchess Camilla was also well-protected in the south of England.

(Foto: imago images / i Images)

After visiting the gallery, the royal couple met some community groups in nearby Victoria Park, including representatives from horticultural societies, youth from a school club and local musicians. After that, Prince Charles visited the “Tinakote Farm” which produces handmade ice cream. He then honored a symposium on the “North Devon Biosphere”, a UNESCO biosphere reserve.

Devon liked

Finally, Charles and Camilla stopped at a bar in Edsley. In a lively conversation with the residents, the heir to the throne also allowed himself a beer. He seemed to be enjoying a drink after an exhausting visit.

The appointment to the pub marks the end of a three-day journey the Prince and Duchess took through southwest England. Local media said Charles liked Devon and wished he would stay longer. But at some point, the everyday life and fuss about your offspring catches up with the Queen’s son.

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