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Power Plug: Hydrogen Flies – Contributor

Power Plug: Hydrogen Flies – Contributor

The topic of hydrogen is on everyone’s lips again. For example, the German Aerospace Center (DLR) wants to convert the short-range Dornier 328 aircraft into fuel cells and gas turbine propulsion. This hydrogen project is financed by the Federal Ministry of Economics in the amount of 30 million euros. At the same time, Europe and Lidl’s imaginations are giving a boost to the stock hot plug – Depot 2030’s share is gaining double digits today.

Opportunity to expand into Europe

As discussed in the new AKTIONÄR TV, a clear buy signal emerges. With Europe in particular driving the hydrogen issue, company president Andy Marsh visited France and Germany in March. The media is already speculating: Are there new orders or even production in Europe? We asked Andy Marsh about this in an AKTIONÄR interview two years ago. His answer at the time: “We are thinking about European production in the medium term.”

Checking the power connection and Tesla

Gaussin fuel cells

Energy partners like Gaussin are the ones driving the business and can make local manufacturing viable. The French are now launching their new hydrogen-powered autonomous vehicle.


As reported at this point over the weekend, Lidl’s fleet at the French logistics center in Carquefou will be converted to hydrogen forklifts – which are equipped with Plug Power fuel cells. Coherent argument: refueling takes only two to three minutes, while heavy batteries must be connected to the charging network for several hours.

After the power delivery: a new opportunity for hydrogen

Depot 2030 is successful thanks to its focus on green energies and stocks such as Solaredge, Plug Power (+1,200% since initial purchase), and K+S. In the new edition, there is now a new green deal and an exclusive interview with a great opportunity for green hydrogen that has been underestimated. . All you have to do is activate here From now on, early receipt of the weekly report and all transactions via SMS and email.

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