Pollution cases have stabilized, but hospitalization is still on the rise in France

Infections stopped rising: With 161,950 positive cases recorded in 24 hours by Public Health France, the average for the past seven days was 134,991, after exceeding 140,000 on Friday.

This onset of decline marks a break with the apparent recovery observed in March, during which pollution nearly tripled. A “recovery” expected by the authorities: Three weeks ago Health Minister Olivier Veran had mentioned a peak of “120,000-150,000 pollution per day” at the “end of March”.

23,014 patients

However, the trend is still upward in hospitals, with now 23,014 infected patients (1,984 more than the day before), including 1,561 in critical care services (+164). Seven days ago, there were 21,688 Covid patients in hospitals (including 1,546 in critical care).

The number of daily admissions increases to more than 1540 (average of seven days). The Pasteur Institute “expects a plateau in the coming days,” according to its updated forecast on Monday.

Covid’s balance sheet has increased by 116 hospital deaths, bringing the total to 142,930 in France since the start of the pandemic more than two years ago.

European Union health authorities on Wednesday gave the go-ahead for a second booster dose of the Moderna and Pfizer-Covid vaccines for people over 80 on Wednesday, but deemed it too early to make a recommendation for the older population.

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