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news | Health tip: sunscreen, summer partner

news |  Health tip: sunscreen, summer partner

While the sun is good for health as it is the main source of vitamin D, it should not be overused. It is believed to be responsible for 7,500 new cases of skin cancer annually in France. So when we sunbathe, we spread sunscreen.

It must protect against ultraviolet (UV) rays. Ultraviolet radiation, which is responsible for sunburn and skin aging, are real risk factors for developing skin cancer. With regard to long ultraviolet (UVA) rays, these are the causative agents of allergies and the appearance of skin cancer.

In the sun, the application of solar products should be renewed every two hours. During the first rays, it is advisable to use an important index. With an index of 50, we would have a 50 times less chance of getting a sunburn. For this there is a condition, namely: apply the cream in sufficient quantity and frequently. For dermatologists, the correct dose is 2 mg/cm2 of skin or the equivalent of a ping-pong ball.

Putting lower means reducing the index by two or three. You can choose a more practical solar mist to use. However, the photosensitivity is not the same. It will be necessary to brush your teeth regularly. This means every hour. Finally, even if it is indicated that the cream is waterproof, remember that water significantly lowers the indicator. This is also the case with perspiration, which promotes the removal of the cream.

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