Pass the vaccination: a third dose is no longer required after two injections and then an infection

New rule change! Olivier Veran announced Wednesday night on BFM TV that people who received two doses of the vaccine and then contracted SARS-CoV-2 will not be required to receive a third dose after at least three months in order to maintain their vaccine.

In general, the rule really becomes “one injection = one infection”. “To benefit from scrolling, the immune system must be stimulated at least three times (whether by infection or with a vaccine dose, but at least one dose) Health Minister said.

This change, aimed at “simplifying” the rules, was decided after the opinion of the High Authority for Health and the Vaccine Strategy Steering Board, which refers to the Parisians to the entourage of Olivier Veran.

Summoning is still recommended

So far, those people who took two doses and then became infected have received a certificate of recovery, giving the right to a vaccination permit, for a period of four months (seven months until February 15). Without this change, they would only have 30 days (between three and four months after infection) to receive their third dose and avoid ending up with an ineffective vaccination. Even if it is no longer mandatory, a third injection of them is always recommended and without any risk, as defined by Olivier Veran.

The change that was announced this evening also concerns the infected, after they received their first dose of the vaccine … and then became infected again. For them, too, the booster dose (in this case the second dose) is no longer mandatory. On the other hand, we don’t know yet, technically, when this change will be rolled out on the TousAntiCovid app.

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