The chief game designer explains the dangers at night

Tymon Smektaa served as lead game designer on the upcoming “Dying Light” sequel. In the internal interview, he now talks in detail about the start of the night in the game.

Fans only have to wait another three days for the much-anticipated Dying Light 2: Stay Human to be released. Not long ago, the lead game designer made himself available for an interview in which Dangerous Night was discussed.

Explore the other side of Philidor

Smektaa says at first that there were greater changes at night than in daylight. All the positive features from the first branch have been adopted and expanded and new items added. But the sequel isn’t just about surviving the night. Players should be able to use this period to explore the “other side of Philidor”.

The development team analyzed the ancestor’s game data in detail and found that many players skipped the night. Reason #1: They thought this section was too difficult. The second reason: they had no motivation to fight their way through the night.

As it is already known, you will encounter survivors during the day, while the afflicted controls the night. They use darkness to leave their nests and roam the streets. You should use this opportunity to loot. According to Smektaa, you will find the most valuable loot in their hideouts. However, not everyone infected leaves their premises protected from light. So you just don’t get caught.

Escape is the most intense element of gameplay

If you are spotted, you should get your feet wet. For Smektaa, escapes are “The most exciting is the adrenaline pumpingPlay element.

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This is mainly ensured by the so-called “Howlers”, who alert each infected person in the vicinity. If you take your time to escape, more and more of them and special variations will appear. Finally, the so-called “volatile matter” is summoned to the arena, from which you can only be saved with a safe shelter.

But you can also turn the tables and go find yourself. With Craft Master you can upgrade your equipment, but you need trophies from special infected to do so. These are in different dangerous places in the game world. However, the game designer assures that this activity is for hardcore gamers only. Even the most experienced players should be under pressure.

You may remember: the protagonist is injured and can only stay in the dark for a limited time.

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Dying Light 2: Stay Human is out Friday for PS5, Xbox Series X/S, PS4, Xbox One, and PC. PlayStation players receive through purchase Both PS4 and PS5 versions.

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