Papa Rolfe and Philius Penn: The Baker family shoots

Father and son together in front of the camera for the first time – Rolf and Ben Baker make their first appearances in the hit MDR series In aller Hoffnung.

Leipzig – For the first time, father and son in front of the camera together – Rolf (86) and Ben Baker (57) made their debut in the MDR Songs series”in every friendshipBoth are currently filming episode 987 “Good Man”.

Actors Rolfe (86) and Ben Baker (57, right) together for the first time in front of the camera on the MDR series. © MDR / Rudolf Wernicke

“Of course it’s fun. And because you know each other so well, it’s a little weird,” Ben Baker admits.

For Father Rolf, who will turn 87 on Thursday, it’s “a birthday present. However, we were just groupmates, the family came after the end of filming.”

With all the uniqueness of father and son – the sound is strikingly similar. So much so that Father Rolfe had already called his son Ben and Ben a camel who imitated his father on the phone without recognizing him.

"Shopping Queen" In Cologne: the candidate wears a dress that frightens Guido - "Jesus rose"
TV Show
“Queen of Shopping” in Cologne: the candidate wears a dress that terrifies Guido – “Jesus has risen”

But the friendship ends with “IaF” – who play the two contenders. Ben pretends to be a police officer, and arrives at the house of Otto (Rolf Becker). But he catches up with the thief.

The episode is expected to air next September.

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