Chairman Magnus Bruner, Managing Director Thomas Sweda and Sports Director Jர்கrgen Melser made the interim decisions at the Erstay Bank Open in Weiner Stathall on Thursday.

4.13 pm, October 28, 2021

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Tennis - ATP, First Bank Open
Managing Director Thomas Sweda, Chairman Magnus Brunner and Sports Director Jர்கrgen Melser (from left) © GEPA Images

The current presidium of the Austrian Tennis Association (ÖTV) looks back on the first year of its operation. Chairman Magnus Brunner, Managing Director Thomas Sweda and Sports Director Jர்கrgen Melser He took the interim decision on Thursday at the Erste Bank Open in Wiener Stadthalle. Accordingly, ÖTV sees itself on the right track. Elements of the work, consolidating forces, strengthening the competitive landscape and increasing the general importance of tennis.

They have volunteered to work with academies, tournament organizers, coaches, players and personalities in the game of domestic tennis, Bruner clarified. “The fact that everyone cooks their own food should be a thing of the past,” the 49-year-old said. “We had the opportunity to cooperate.” Melzer became an ÖTV affiliate, and on his Austrian tour “Jன்rgen on Tour” he got an idea of ​​the current situation.

Strong training team in the southern part of the city

“For me, it is important to establish a team of coaches at our site in the southern part of the city so that it can be seen internationally,” Melcher outlined Cole’s direction. With Philip Wesley As the supervisor of the 2020 Vienna Winner you have a gym coach with a lot of experience. Andrej Rublew Involved. On the other hand, “establishing a group of girls in the southern part of the city” and promoting it was a concern. The gap between Barbara Haas and Julia Grober should be gradually closed.

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In strengthening the competitive landscape, Melser’s choice was a challenge, and Dullen and Anif now have two of them. In 2022 there will be another one in Mouthouse. “We have guys who can be in this category and such competitions are exactly what is needed so they can gain experience, what is there and how should I grow,” the 40-year-old said. The start of a dual Earstay Bank Open has finally come to an end.

The way for the youth Grand Slams

Following that, getting more representation back in the Junior Grand Slam tournament should be a goal. Melzer: “At the end of my first term (3 years, note) I’m glad we’re playing in the Youth Grand Slam again – so that I can be more broad, be part of the main competition. With many.”

Brunner cited the Davis Cup in Innsbruck at the end of November as an important point in the event field. They combined their strengths and landed at the event against strong competition like Munich and London on a budget of மில்லியன் 5 million. Brunner: “The importance of the Davis Cup cannot be overstated.” Sweden said 3,500 tickets for the Austrian Games are currently on sale and that there will be about 7,000 seats in the Olympic Hall.

Additional value 680 million euros

The third key point for the federation, the importance of the public outlook on tennis, was presented two weeks ago with the results of a study. Accordingly, more than 400,000 Austrians play tennis and 180,000 are members of ÖTV clubs. More than 75,000 are competing in the championship, 2,500 of whom are playing for the prize money. According to the study, tennis brings an additional value of 680 million euros to Austria.

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In the political debate over the vaccine status of Dominic Theme, Melcher did not like the fact that Austria was chosen as the number one individual. Brunner, the ÖVP Secretary of State for the Ministry of Infrastructure, said it was up to everyone whether to get vaccinated. “Personally, I say, yes, every Austrian should be vaccinated please. That is why I want all athletes to be vaccinated.”


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