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431 million euros! The former Amazon CEO builds a huge yacht

Whoever flies in space thinks of other dimensions. Jeff Bezos currently owns a yacht built in the Netherlands that could become the largest of its kind. The pictures show the enormous dimensions.

Space is not enough for him. Now Jeff Bezos apparently plans to take over the oceans – with a boat that will cost him about 430 million euros. Even for the second richest man in the world, they probably aren’t peanuts. According to “Forbes”, the wealth of the Amazon businessman is about 170 billion euros, after the Tesla giant Elon Musk, who tops the list with less than 190 billion euros.

The new mega yacht that Bezos is now building in the Netherlands will rise to prominence around the world. With a length of 127 metres, several decks and three masts, the luxury property named Y721 will be the world’s largest sailing yacht upon delivery next year.

Until now, the title has been kept by the luxury sailing ship equipped with a four-masted excavator, called the Sea Cloud. It was once owned by American millionaire and financial broker Edward Francis Hutton. Bezos now wants to inherit Sea Cloud with his private yacht.

Bezos himself has not yet commented on the yacht

It is currently being built in the Netherlands by the shipbuilder Oceanco. Total reported orders: 431 million euros. Bezos himself has not confirmed the matter. The emerging media coverage is now based on the book “Amazon Unbound” by Brad Stone, which was published this year. In it, the author describes a ship ordered by Bezos as “one of the most beautiful sailing yachts in the world” with “several decks” and “three huge masts.” It is also said that a support boat is under construction – it is alleged that a helicopter cannot land on the yacht itself.

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An Oceanco spokesperson was quoted in a report for “Boat international” as saying: “Oceanco values ​​the privacy and confidentiality of all our clients and potential clients, and therefore does not comment on our involvement or non-participation in any particular project.” Drone footage captured by photographer Jay Florey, which You can see her a little above in the video, at least proving that a mega yacht is currently under construction at the Oceanco shipyard in Zwijndrecht, The Netherlands.

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