Omikron expands dramatically: England is taking teachers out of retirement

Omikron is widely spread
England is taking teachers out of retirement

The Omikron variant is currently spreading rapidly in England. So Education Minister Zahaoui wants to prevent a potential teacher shortage in schools – and bring already retired teachers back from their retirement.

Due to the rapid spread of the Omikron variant in Great Britain, the British Minister of Education wants to bring teachers back from retirement. Nadim Al-Zahawi said, according to Sky News, that all those who felt they could help should now register on a dedicated website in order to “reduce the disruption caused by the virus in the new year”.

Due to Omikron’s extremely high portability, it is feared that many teachers will be absent at the same time across the country, which could significantly disrupt school operations. Some schools are said to be preparing for online classes again.

In England and Scotland, Omikron established itself as the dominant alternative within a few weeks. With more than 93,000 confirmed new coronavirus infections, Great Britain saw a new spike at the weekend, but in reality hundreds of thousands are said to be infected every day.

Huge losses for employees in other sectors of systemic importance are also feared. In London, where Omikron already accounts for about 80 per cent of cases, there are already hundreds of hospital staff underserved.

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