Home Top News “New Year’s Eve Show with Jork Flava”: Repeat of New Year’s Eve show online and on TV

“New Year’s Eve Show with Jork Flava”: Repeat of New Year’s Eve show online and on TV

“New Year’s Eve Show with Jork Flava”: Repeat of New Year’s Eve show online and on TV

Friday (December 31, 2021) “New Year’s show with Jork Pilawa” on TV. To watch the New Year show again and again only on the “classic” TV or in the online media library, read on news.de here.

New Year’s Eve Show with Jor Flava at Das Erstay
Image: Sent by ARD, FUNKE program guides

On Friday (December 31, 2021) at 8:15 pm on television “New Year’s show with Jork Bilawa” aired. You have shipping ARD Missed, but definitely want to see the “New Year’s Eve Show with Jork Flava”? Check out the Das Erstay Media Library. After airing countless TV shows can be found here to stream the video online as needed. You can usually watch the program online after it airs on TV. Unfortunately, this does not apply to all programs. Unfortunately, this is not a recurring theme in classic television for the time being.

“New Year’s Eve Show with Jork Bilawa” on TV: New Year’s Eve Show is about this

This year too, TV viewers can look forward to the “New Year’s Eve Show with Jorge Flava” at the beginning of the year: Jorge Flava, along with Franின்ois Jordi, celebrates the New Year by giving hits to every musical taste and party mood. . Rock legend Susie Quattro will be attending the big Eurovision New Year’s Eve Show, and will be entertained by Santino, Sasha, Mighty Kelly, Die Prinson, Johnny Logan, Andrea Berg, Peter Cross and many more. In addition to party hits, pop and hit evergreens, atmospheric ballads and rock classics, there are magic and many more exciting possibilities: Astrologer Antonia Longstorf creates unique annual horoscopes for stars and spectators for 2022. After the countdown, the New Year will be announced at the Brandenburg Gate in recent years with pictures of the best New Year’s Eve fireworks, followed by Jorge Plava France’s Jordi, who continues to celebrate with guests, viewers and TV viewers alike. Guests on the show: Peter Cross, Black Foss, Johnny Logan, Nokis, Melissa Nachenweng, ExtraPride, Ben Zucker, Susie Quattro, Santiano, Die Prinson, Garat, Mide Kelly, Andrea Berg, Sasha, Leoni, Loge D’Oz Wolfgang Moser. After the event, the New Year’s Eve Show Party will continue from 0.15 p.m. (Source: Sent by ARD, FUNKE Program Guides)

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All the information about “New Year’s Eve Show with Jork Bilawa” on TV at a glance


With: Jorke Flava and Frances Jordi, Peter Cross, De Black Foss, Johnny Logan, Nokis, Melissa Nationweng, Extreme, Ben Zucker, Susie Quattro, Bjorn both, Die Prinsen, Karat, Mite Kelly, Mid Kelly,, Wizard Wolfgang Moser and the Black Force

Year of manufacture: 2021

Long: 245 minutes

In HD: Yes

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