Not much in basketball eight points behind. In the third quarter, with four more minutes left to play, there was nothing in particular. Nonetheless, Denver Nuggets star Nicola Jogic, who was recently voted the most valuable player in the league, is clearly frustrated. At 75:83 for the Phoenix Suns, the Suns player tried to tap the ball out of Cameron Payne’s hand.

However, he also caught Payne’s face as he fell to the ground. As a result, Serbian professionals need to prevent Phoenix guard Devin Booker from being attacked by multiple participants.

Eventually, Joachim was sent off for the mistakes he made on Payne and Denver lost 125: 118. This makes the Phoenix team 4-0 in the series after the games, and this season ended for the Jokik and the Nuggets. After being dispatched, Jogik apologized for his incompetent act. In the West Final, Phoenix meets the winner of the series between the Utah Jazz and LA Clippers.

In the East, the Milwaukee Bucks were held to a 2-2 draw in the playoff series against the Brooklyn Nets and have every chance of reaching the final of the Eastern Conference. In the fourth fight between the two NBA teams, Bucks scored 107: 96. Kyrie Irving, who was twisted and unable to continue in the second quarter, had to make the Nets early. James Horton is no longer available for the basketball team from New York.

Fire alarm after game – Hall evacuated

After the tour in the first quarter, the Nets lost access to the meeting. Kevin Torrent had 28 points, 13 rebounds and five assists, but received very little support from his teammates. Giannis Antedo ounbo had 34 points, twelve rebounds and three assists, and had four teams, they scored in the double digit range and secured the second consecutive victory. Game Five is with the Brooklyn Nets on Tuesday.

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After the game, a fire alarm went off at the Fischer forum in Milwaukee, according to various US media outlets. The hall had to be vacated. Further details are unknown at first.


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