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After meeting Queen Elizabeth II (95) in Windsor, US President Joe Biden (78) expressed his admiration for the British Queen: “She reminded me of my mother,” he said before boarding Air Force One. Air Force One.

Especially her “look and generosity” would have brought back memories of his mother, who passed away in 2010.

It was also “very nice” that she asked questions about Russian President Vladimir Putin, 68, and Chinese President Xi Jinping, 67. He had invited the Queen to the White House.

Biden also said that the seat of the US President’s government would be suitable for the Palace Square. Then I asked the Queen how it would feel to be in the White House. Biden called it “excellent.”

Biden and his wife Jill, 79, traveled by helicopter from London after attending the G7 summit in the English county of Cornwall in recent days.

The Queen wore a pink floral dress and matching hat as she welcomed the presidential couple on the grounds of Windsor Castle. The first lady was wearing a light blue suit.

Jill Biden, Queen Elizabeth II.  Joe Biden on Sunday

Jill Biden, Queen Elizabeth II. Joe Biden on Sunday Photo: Matt Dunham / AP

Unlike on previous occasions, Biden left the guard of honor alone – when his predecessor Donald Trump, 74, visited, there was an awkward sight as the president didn’t know whether to run to the right or left of the Queen.

Joe Biden's footsteps are the guards of honor alone

Joe Biden’s footsteps are the guards of honor alone Photo: Arthur Edwards / AP

You’d probably want to avoid something similar – it might have been too hot for the 95-year-old monarch. After a squad of soldiers in typical red uniforms and teddy bear hats played the United States national anthem, the Queen asked the presidential couple for tea.

Biden and the Queen actually met on Friday evening at a reception in Cornwall. His last audience was almost 40 years ago. The then-senator had come to Great Britain in 1982 to attend a meeting of the British American Parliamentary Group.

In her long reign since 1952, the Queen has seen many American presidents come and go. She met most of them either in the US or the UK. Biden is already 13th – and the first to have had to become pregnant without her husband, Prince Philip, who recently passed away at the age of 99.

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