Bosnian international Mirelem Bijnik moves from FC Barcelona to Besiktas. As the clubs have officially announced, the midfielder will be credited with a one-season Super League. After that there is no purchase option.

Janick was a sales candidate in Barca for several months due to his high salary. Besiktas is now set to take on more than 2.75 million euros in his annual salary. In addition, according to standard media reports, Bijnik still expects a substantial portion of his salary in advance.

Exit Besiktas: Miralem Pajanik in Barca outside

The 31-year-old is still under contract with Barca until 2024, but even the season that has just begun had a tough time under coach Ronald Coman. The national player was without a minute in the first three La Liga match days and was not on the team in the first place.

Janic moved from Juventus to Barcelona only 60 60 million a year ago. Already last season he was mostly only a substitute and he didn’t get a chance in the second half of the season.

With the summer transfer window in Turkey, unlike many leagues, it is still possible to go to Besiktas as it does not end on August 31st. Instead, the Super League transition period will last until September 8th.

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