Home Top News Before the Dresden Game at Undertatching: The next dynamo service provider failed

Before the Dresden Game at Undertatching: The next dynamo service provider failed

Before the Dresden Game at Undertatching: The next dynamo service provider failed

Dresden. The season is long and tiring. In Dynamo Dresden it is now particularly noticeable in the form of lesions. Jonathan Meyer, a longtime favorite for the past few months who has missed even a minute since October, will be out of action on Sunday (2pm) due to muscle problems at the SPVG Underhanging. “We still don’t know if this will lead to long-term unemployment,” head coach Marcus Kuczynski said Friday.


At full-back positions, it can be tight again for employees. “Chris Lowe has had to go a little slow over the last few days, he’s not in full power,” the 51-year-old continues. It will not be decided until this Saturday whether the lion, who was only a few weeks old again ill after a long injury, will be able to travel with him to Upper Bavaria. To make matters worse, left-back Leroy Quadvo, who signed in the winter, was also injured.

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Dynamo Dresden coach Marcus Kuczynski also coached with his team on April 9, 2021.


There’s Niklas Cruiser, who brought Kaginsky back to the SGT in the winter. The 28-year-old comes mostly from the left back to the black and yellow team. But young vocalist Niklas Cohn, who signed his first professional contract in Dresden this winter, is in the Marcus Kukinsky seat. “A young player who has grown very well,” the head coach assures, otherwise all players are available except for chronic injuries.

He needs them too, because in the fifth and final game of the Dynamos season in Upper Bavaria, he has to finally reach the points and goals. The first guest game was a 3-0 defeat at Bayern-Bubis, followed by three 0-1 defeats at Ingolstadt and Turquoise and Munich in 1860 – a series that did not apply to any league leader. Are the opportunities better at the bottom of the table? “Of course we are favorites, and we accept that. However, we know that Hatching is a strong team fighting for their last chance. Such teams will fight back as long as the elimination is mathematically possible,” warns Kukinsky.

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He appeals to his defenders to give him full speed: “At final speed it’s about every point, so we have to act like it’s a final match. In the end, it’s all about a live advertising space and table lead, whether it’s Rostock or Ingolstadt this Saturday at least temporarily. “If you do not know that the upcoming games are decisive, I can not help you,” says Kukinsky, however, certifying that all of his players are absolutely sure.

This will be necessary in the coming weeks because eight games of the season are still pending. The 24 points to be awarded will determine whether Black and Yellow will still be in first place at the end of the season and will be elevated to 2nd Bundesliga.


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