Briton on vacation in Afghanistan - witnessing Taliban advance

A 21-year-old Briton wanted to spend his summer vacation in one of the “most dangerous countries to travel” – and traveled to Afghanistan. Only when the Taliban surrounded Kabul did he realize the gravity of the situation.

while the Taliban Progress is a British student after Afghanistan by air. British physics student Miles Routledge decides to go on vacation despite the dire situation in the country. The British newspaper “The Sun” quoted it.

Boyfriend: “He just went there for fun”

“I googled the most dangerous countries to travel,” the 21-year-old later told another newspaper, The Times, as reason. Routledge has documented his journey through social networks like 4chan and the live video-streaming portal Twitch – initially with some funny advice for his community. He wrote that the double bed and mattress were “too hard,” but he liked it.

A friend of Rutridge’s told The Sun, “It’s not like he went there because he was interested in what was going on – he went there for fun.”

surrounded by the Taliban

It was only when the Taliban began to besiege the capital that the student became frightened and realized the dangerous situation he had placed himself in. Keep calling the British Embassy and sending emails. NTV news channel reported that he had finally found refuge in a UN “safe house”.

On Tuesday, Routledge gave it all via social media. He succeeded and landed in Dubai for the time being with an evacuation flight.

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