Peelfeld. It was announced in practice – many more are confused to this extent: traffic will be disrupted due to the presence of the main construction site on Tuesday morning in Ostwestfalland. At the end of the summer vacation construction work the area of ​​speed cameras called the mastic asphalt causes traffic congestion for many kilometers in both directions. Measuring instruments include the ability to accurately record the speed of cars.

However, due to construction work, the lanes are getting narrower: only one lane is free. Conclusion: Even during the summer holidays, from the subway and from Brockweed, each comes up to the Johannistel junction.

“Significant Disadvantages” – then free travel

Sven Johanning, spokeswoman for the state official in charge of roads in North Rhine-Westphalia, had already pointed to “significant traffic restrictions” in a press release. It said they were “unavoidable.”

From our local manager Andrea Rolfes every Thursday

Above all: “Narrow is used at the same time to remove the heavy protective walls of the construction site security.” Because from Wednesday, August 11, according to the plan, the OWD will be able to travel freely again. Until then, drivers will have to choose alternate routes again – at least until they are clogged.

Additional traffic congestion after the A2 crash

Drivers were still in trouble at 8:30 a.m. on the Autobahn 2 near Peelfeld. Police spokeswoman Hella Christophe said the two trucks collided head-on in the Dortmund direction on the A2 track. Police had to temporarily close two lanes. No one was injured.

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In no time a major setback arose here. At 9.30am, the traffic was seven kilometers long. Firefighters had to intervene with a bonding agent because one of the crash vehicles lost oil. Have to tow the junk truck.

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