Home Top News New tricks to unlock. Activities in some regions may be released in April

New tricks to unlock. Activities in some regions may be released in April

New tricks to unlock.  Activities in some regions may be released in April

PRAGUE Although driving for a few weeks may be in the form of written anti-infective measures, it can be carefully relaxed after Easter. This can be a contagious situation in individual regions. Gradually, it did not have to cover the entire republic.

If it turns out that the state of the Republic has improved, it can certainly be considered gradual. It doesn’t make sense to do this in the districts. That would be a mess. In the regions, however, Interior Minister John Hamek (SST), who was the leader of the Central Crisis Party, would have told Lidovki. Opposition to the STAN movement has prompted you to make a similar move in the past.

Meanwhile, the last wave of infection spread through that area from behind to the entrance. According to Hamek, the improved situation is likely to continue in the same direction. The Karlovy Vary area is doing the best it can so far.

Police K.V.
Police K.V.

Peter Smejcal, a leading epidemiologist at IKEM and an intermediate group for epidemiological conditions, is of the misconception about taking into account the situation in a particular area.

It will be around the edges. But of course not this time, Smegel warned. Priority should now return to the wheels. That too should happen after Easter. Due to regional differences during epidemics, we propose to open rounds in districts or regions, if there are no major differences between districts in the region, Smejcal added to Litovki.kas.

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Former Prime Minister Roman Primal also understands the situation in the region. Some steps may need to be rubbed flat. Many of them seal me to rest around the regions, the server is litovki.cs. An example of a treasure that can be controlled in this way, he transformed retail.

f Martin Cuba Regional Association (ODS) is carefully open to the regions. Today, the government needs an emergency, which only pays the Czech Republic to control the movement. If we take two different regions, such as Karlovy Vary and Slinsk, it becomes clear that the situation in them is different, and that they can give a different regime, said the southern Bohemian region.


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