Brock Prime Minister Andrzej Babik (yes) promised to raise the salary for the Emergency Medical Service (EMS) to 120,000 crowns. Takmar itníková, president of the Health and Social Security Union, said he would write a letter to the Minister of Health. Babik said on Twitter that he had agreed with the unions to increase. Czech television (ČT) reports that Health Minister John Platney (yes) wants to continue to reward paramedics and hospital paramedics.

Rewards for health professionals in hospitals with 75,000 crowns for the second wave of the epidemic are available from special insurance funds to other sectors of health insurance.

“Unlike hospital paramedics, he agreed with our argument that paramedics who work with covit patients do not have to pay extra,” Žitníková said. According to him, 45,000 crowns offset these extra fees for working in an infectious environment. According to him, rescuers also work in safety cases, wear full masks or have to clean the ambulance after each patient.

“Rescue workers, like paramedics, deserve rewards during the first waves,” Bobby said. Last May, the government approved 1.12 billion crowns for these rewards, of which 840 million were aimed at rewarding health professionals, and paid extra for the operation of mobile modeling teams for testing. In the spring, 40,000 crowns each went to the 7,000 people rescued from regional services.

In mid-March, Platney said survivors should receive a reward of 75,000 crowns from the corona virus infection and other paramedics since the fall. He did not consistently accept higher pay for paramedics than for hospital paramedics. “It would be very difficult for us to be in the Govt ward 24 hours a day, caring only for Kovid patients, and at first a pediatric rehab nurse, doing something she was not even trained in. She should have been paid less than a paramedic,” Platney told Czech television.

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In the years from March to May, paramedics in hospitals received an additional 75,000 crowns, while other staff received 30,000 crowns. At the time, the government approved a total of 11.5 billion crowns, most of which went to October payments.

Rewards for the second wave of the epidemic will be announced by hospitals by April 9th. 12 billion crowns have been earmarked for the salaries of paramedics, an amount similar to last year. Health insurance companies pay the same amount to other non-hospital branches. According to Žitníková, it will probably be in June.


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