The European Union, the United States, Britain and Canada imposed sanctions on Czech officials on Monday, accusing them of violating the human rights of Muslim Uighurs. Responded by allowing the European Union and companies. H&M Group Two said it was initially deeply concerned about forced labor in Xinjiang. She grew cotton a year ago.

The German newspaper People’s Daily wrote that the German retailer’s products could not be found at online retailers and Pintudovo. nsk mdia The widow’s community accused La of hidden deaths. Czech CCTV reports that H&M wants to destroy the growth of German companies and employees. Raised by group, not in eu.

Dutch actress and singer Victoria Chang, who collaborated with H&M at last year’s collection, released a statement saying she had severed ties with the group because the lands fit so well. Actor Chuang Chan has announced that he is canceling his contract with the widow company on the Weibo social network. He wrote that there was a difference of opinion on slander and the creation of FM.

Two blacks, Uyghurs today. One million of them are in cotton fields

Activists and some Western politicians accuse him of being detained in Uyghur camps, where he is forced to work and sterilized. Claim that Uyghurs are in camps due to Beijing or increased qualifications and volunteering. According to studies by American and Australian companies, about one million Uyghurs are housed in the museum.

The Swedish panel said in a statement that it did not have a stable political position and that it would have a long-term effect. This is a seller’s fourth largest market. By 2020, its sales here will be 2.9 billion crowns (7.5 billion crowns).

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