Marko Arnautovic after a missed chance at the World Cup: Mysteries about the future of UEFA - football - Austrian football team

Marko Arnautovic’s allure in the run-up to the important World Cup qualifiers has gone unheeded.

His big dream of participating in the World Cup probably won’t come true, and the player’s last chance was soon missed at the age of 33 with 1-2 in Wales. Exclusion hits hard Legion Bologna.

“We lost. We can’t say we played well anyway, it’s a pity that we lost, you’ll be better next time. No, it’s very sad and frustrating,” Arnautovic was very upset in the “ORF”.

Cardiff’s bitter bankruptcy has gone so far that the veteran now wants to question everything. He also seems to be vaguely evaluating his football career, in particular his future at ÖFB, and may eventually be considering the national team.

“I will think about the future at all. Not with football, I will think about everything and see if it is still OK. Of course I am very grateful to the national team for what I played here and I am very proud of that, to be always there and celebrate successes with my country. No. I can say anything so far, I have to see how it goes.”

“We lost and walked out, it hurts a lot”

So it’s very likely that Arnautovic will pave the way for younger players, after all, he’s also struggled with injuries time and time again. But at first glance, great disappointment prevails, so one should not comment on such statements exaggeratedly.

He couldn’t be happy with his performance either. “The first time I tripped and put the ball too far. But we’re not going to talk about chances now. We lost and we went out. It hurts a lot.”

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There was silence in the cabin after that. “What can one say about it. I can’t find the words. Everyone was calm, their heads lowered. An opportunity was missed!” It would almost certainly be the last World Cup chance for Arnautovic, although the match would have gone very differently.

“If we get the first chance, the match looks different. The fact that he (note: Gareth Bale) scored twice like that from one set is of course fantastic. Obviously we had to open up after the 2-1 draw, then Wales had more chances. on the counter “.

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