Home Top News All in white: Jerome Bodeng is said to be engaged

All in white: Jerome Bodeng is said to be engaged

All in white: Jerome Bodeng is said to be engaged

All in white
Jerome Bodeng is said to have been engaged

Earlier this month, Jerome Boden hit the headlines when he was accused of assaulting his ex-girlfriend. Now the footballer is said to have made an application to their successor. She has shared some romantic posts of her birthday on social media.

Jerome Bodeng’s wedding bells may ring soon. According to the “Built” newspaper, the professional footballer is reportedly engaged to his girlfriend Rebecca Silvera. The two have been in an on-off relationship for a long time, but are now ready to be serious.

The 33-year-old is said to have applied to Silvera on his 35th birthday. She herself has shared many pictures of her Jubilee Day on Instagram A table romantically decorated with white flowers You can see. He wrote: “It was like a wedding. I was wearing white.” It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post. The pair have not yet confirmed the rumors.

Recently, Jerome Bodeng made headlines. Earlier this month, he was sentenced by a Munich district court to 1.8 million euros for physical abuse. The judge found that it had been proven that Bodeng had slapped his then-partner in the face during the Caribbean holiday 2018. She testified to herself that he was beaten, beaten, bitten on the head, thrown to the ground and severely humiliated.

Silvera clung to him

The former international did not accept his sentence, and according to a local court, his lawyer immediately appealed. According to reports, the public prosecutor’s office and the deputy attorneys also appealed. So in the next event, the Munich I District Court will have to re-negotiate this case. At all times, Rebecca Silvera is said to have stood with her boyfriend and stood by him.

According to the “Built” newspaper he lives with Boden in his native Jamaica, France, where he currently plays for the “Olympic Lyon” club. She was adopted by her children and raised as a second mother to them, quoting a family friend.

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