Maid gives employers toilet water to drink - prison sentence

A domestic worker in Southeast Asia fired her employer for feeling mistreated. The act of revenge now costs her a month in prison.

her maid Singapore Her employers gave water to drink from the toilet – and now they have to hold them for a month. He is 32 years old from philippines And the local newspaper “Al-Youm” reported, quoting the judiciary, that they were also accused of spitting in a water jug ​​and using expensive cosmetics from the lady of the house.

These acts were discovered after the family was suspected of installing cameras in the house. The woman confessed to the actions when she was supposed to be terminated by the responsible employment agency.

Lawyers for the defendants said in court that their client had been mistreated by their employers. The couple took her cell phone and misfeed her. In addition, the couple owed her a salary of two months. “If you have any complaints, there are legitimate channels of communication, but it is not right for you to do what I did,” said judge in charge Ng Bing Hong.

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