Vaccin covid-19 (Photo Unsplash)

German biotechnology company Biotechnology It has emerged in recent months due to the effectiveness of its vaccine against Covid-19, which was produced jointly with the American laboratory Pfizer. Based on this experience given the type of this vaccine, ARNThe German company wants to treat a disease that is causing great devastation in the tropics, malaria.

“High probability of success”

On Monday, July 26, 2021, the German laboratory expressed its intention to apply the technology RNA رسول messengerto fight malaria. To do so, he plans to launch clinical trials of this product next year. The information was provided in a press release. “BioNTech plans to develop the first mRNA vaccine to prevent malaria” announce Biotechnology. The least we can say is that messenger RNA technology is promising, according to the director and co-founder of BiotechnologyAnd Ugur SahinAnd “High probability of success”. Studies of this vaccine will be conducted in Africa, but also in “Other areas where malaria is common”.

77% effective vaccine

It will also be completed in Germany As part of a program supported by the African Union Center for Disease Prevention and Control (Africa CDC), the European Union and the World Health Organization (WHO). For the record, there is no officially approved malaria vaccine yet. However, a candidate vaccine developed by the UniversityOxfordWith an efficiency of 77% generated during the month of April. This vaccine, which has not been seen in the past, could gain approval from the authorities within two years.

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