DFB Cup: Dresden defeats Paderborn - 1860 Munich continues to shiver against Darmstadt
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Dresden defeats Paderborn – 1860 Munich continues to lose against Darmstadt

Last minute strike – Dresden’s late win over Paderborn in video

After a successful start to the league, Dynamo Dresden can celebrate the DFB Cup. The second-tier climber defeats SC Paderborn thanks to a late goal from Julius Kade and advances to the second round. All the highlights in the video.

Dynamo Dresden is in the second round of the FA Cup after narrowly beating SC Paderborn. More than 12,000 spectators attended the duel between the league’s contenders. In Bavaria, it was only a third – but there, in 1860, Munich also had a sensational duel.

DrDresden reached the second round of the DFB Cup. The Football League Second Division team beat its league rival SC Paderborn 2-1 (0-0) on Friday evening. Tim Kniping (54th) and Julius Cady (88) scored the home team’s two goals in front of 12,702 spectators at Rudolf Harbig Stadium. Sven met Michel (61.) for temporary compensation.

Both teams invested a lot from the start. The opposing building game was attacked early on, repeatedly making mistakes or random attempts at the ultimate release. Scoring opportunities remained scarce in the first half, but Dresden was the best. In the 35th minute, defender Michael Solbauer failed with a header after a corner kick by Paderborn goalkeeper Yannick Huth. A few seconds later, Michael Akuto crossed the goal from a distance of 15 meters.

After a reboot, the game clearly picked up speed. First, Knipping headed off the hosts after a corner kick, and only seven minutes later Michel equalized after a shot from the post by Kai Bruger.

Then Dynamo got many chances to take the lead again. But neither Ransford Königsdorfer (63rd) nor Maurice Schrotter and Brandon Borrillo (both 64th) were able to put the ball in goal. After that, both teams slowly lost their strength. Ultimately, however, Dresden’s end was much happier as substitute Panagiotis Flashodemus lifted Cady, who scored the famous win.

1860 Munich beats Darmstadt on penalties

The perfect penalty kick score – 1860 Munich victory in the video

The third division team 1860 Munich celebrated their first upset in the small cup and thanks to their victory on penalties, they moved to the second round. In front of the second division Darmstadt 98, the lion guard Marco Heller advanced to become the champion of the evening. Highlights in the video.

Later that evening, TSV 1860 Munich defeated the coronavirus-stricken second-division football club SV Darmstadt 98 in an exciting match in the penalty shootout Cup. The brave third division team cheered after 1:1 (1:1, 0:0) after 5:4 overtime at the point decision.

The winner of the “Lions” match was goalkeeper Marco Heller, who defended the first penalty kick from Patrick Pfeiffer, and Stefan Salger, who scored the last penalty in front of 4,158 spectators at the Grunwalder Arena. In the regular season, Philip Steinhardt (75th) took the lead in 1860, while strong Luca Pfeiffer equaled for the guests (80th).

Munich players cheering after the penalty shootout

Munich players cheering after the penalty shootout

Source: dpa / Sven Hoppe

The game gained speed without much fumbling. Stefan Lakes had the “lion”‘s biggest chance in the first half in the sixth minute. The striker failed after a good interaction with captain Sasha Mulders on goalkeeper Marcel Schuhe, who wanted to get past him.

Then the guests found their way into the game. Heller, who returned to the 1860 goal after being stopped, saved Matthias Bader’s header with a reaction (17). The subsequent scorer Pfeiffer shot from 20 meters to the bottom edge of the crossbar (22).

There was no apparent class difference at any time. 1860 was mostly on the trigger, and had chances after Mölders and Lex broke through. Darmstadt quickly saved the deserved goal 1-0 by Steinhardt. In the 119th minute of the match, Heller saved a header from Darmstadt Pfeiffer defender and saved his team.

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