The sunset has changed the sky behind the electrical connections.  Electricity is often more expensive in the country than in the city.
Many Spaniards had no electricity on Saturday afternoon as the high voltage line was damaged. (Index image)

Image: Jens Wolf / zb / dpa

Large parts of Spain had to be without electricity on Saturday afternoon. The cause of the failure was the high voltage line damaged in France as a result of the plane crash.

Electricity was cut off for a long time on Saturday afternoon in several regions of Spain. The cause was an unspecified incident with a plane in France, in which the high voltage line was affected, the operator of Spain’s electricity network said on Twitter.

So as a precaution a high voltage route from France to Spain was interrupted. The newspaper “La Vanguardia” reported that this triggered a power outage in Spain.

Wildfires in southwestern France triggered defeats in France, Spain and Portugal, as announced by French network operator RTE this evening. There was a malfunction in the high voltage line. In France alone, more than 100,000 families have been affected in the southwest.

Large-scale fire in France

According to media reports, it burned five square kilometers between Norfolk and Carazon. Hundreds of firefighters and several firefighters were in operation, initially causing no injuries to people.

Spain’s civil defense wrote on Twitter that 146,000 homes and other customers had been affected in Catalonia alone. As the newspaper continued, there were major disruptions from the capital region of Madrid, Andalusia, Extremadura, Aragon and Navarre. According to media reports, the situation returned to normal after about an hour.

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