Local court ruling from Weimar hit the headlines over the weekend: A verdict is circulating on social media that was allegedly passed by a local court in Weimar on April 8th. The verdict appears to have barred schools and teachers of two children from being ordered to wear mouth and nose cards in a family case., A Take part in quick tests * Or Minimum clearance To recommend each other. It’s about “child health risk”. Schools are also provided “for these and other children and students taught in these schools Direct teaching in school.“D-Online first announced this case.

The reason given in the letter “Inability to wear a mask and compliance with distance rules for children and third parties” and “Incompatibility of PCR tests and rapid tests to measure infection” were noted. Doubts arose online as to whether the verdict was genuine or another attempt by corona deniers to create confusion with fake news. However, Stephen Ditz, deputy leader of the Left in the Thuringian state parliament, confirmed on Twitter on Saturday that the Weimar District Court ruling was genuine and that the Ministry of Education and Justice in Thuringia was examining how to proceed with the ruling. .

04/11/21, 2:15 PM Update: Ministry responds to Family Court decision

On Sunday afternoon (April 11, 21) the Thuringian Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports took a stand on the family court ruling. On April 8, 2021, Weimar District Court passed a resolution on infectious protection measures in two Weimar schools. This result was announced on the evening of April 9, 2021.

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The Thuringian Ministry of Education Specifies the following:

  • A The resolution has not yet been properly announced. Neither the schools nor the state government received this resolution in writing. So far only one email has been received by the school administration.
  • As with any judicial decision This resolution will have legal effect only on those involved in the proceedings. In the present case, there are two students. This decision will have no impact on the epidemic protection measures ordered for Thuringian schools as a whole. They are legally in force. This also applies to additional infection protection measures in circles with a high number of infections.
  • The The results raise serious practical doubts. The jurisdiction of the Family Court in police proceedings is limited to questions in custody; However, it is the responsibility of the executive courts to review infectious protection measures or state government legal orders.
  • Considering these and other practical issues, whether this decision has any legal effect and can be tolerated; To be reviewed by the High Court.
  • To The Ministry of Education is exchanging with schools the two children affected by this decision. Incidentally, two schools involved in Weimar and Free Statewide apply Infectious protection measures for all teachers and students continue unabated.

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Doubts about the reliability of the web

It is very interesting to see the experts listed in the judgment: First, there is the biologist Ulrik Kammer. She suspected the detection of the corona virus through PCR tests. Your review is a paper popular in the lateral thinker scene, which is often distributed to question published figures. Ines Capstein is also presented as a reviewer – an opponent of masks, who has since distanced herself from the clinic in Pasha due to her reports.

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Worsburg attorney San-Jo Jun Weimar was skeptical of the credibility of the district court ruling, and on Twitter explained why the paper differs from the usual format and content of other court rulings. The letter available in Franken.de, for example, depicts the entire report instead of referring to the court file – at least unusual.

After Stephen Ditz’s confirmation, the most crucial question is no longer a question of credibility, but how long this verdict will last and what legal consequences it will have. An assessment or official report from Weimar District Court and the responsible ministries has not yet been released over the weekend. There will be more detailed contact this Monday. According to viewers, the fact that the verdict was launched over the weekend and widely shared in unusual circles is an indication that a conscious campaign has been launched here, which is not a coincidence.

Weimar District Court hit the headlines in January. At the time, a person was under investigation for violating the Thuringian Corona Ordinance. At the time, a judge declared the general ban on communication unequal and unconstitutional. Judge Corona later filed a lawsuit against Thuringia in the High Court, but lost twice. The verdict was then sent to the Jena High Regional Court for consideration.

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