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3-0 against Holstein Keel – FC St. Bowl’s start to the season was impressive. But coach Timo Schultz does not want to talk about the city derby against HSV, only watching the next opponent, Oyu. On the other hand, there is a hangover mood among Kiel people.

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“First game day, three points – I don’t know how to talk about this,” said St. Bowl’s coach Timo Schultz after the 3-0 win over Holstein Keel. What he does not want to talk about is day three of the Derby match against HSV (August 13, 6.30pm, live at the NDRD). After it became clear that the Keysclub was ahead of their city rivals at the table, after the Hamburger SV “only” 3-1 win over Schalke, it just so happened: “We’re number one in the city,” the fans sang at the Miller Stadium – almost 9,000 allowed.

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Cheers to Saint Bowley experts Rico Benadelli, Liard Bacarda and Guido Berkstoller (from left).  © IMAGO / Nordphoto

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Coach Schultz wanted to talk about St. Paul’s victory against Keel, the first opener in three years: “It was fun to watch the team.

Even the departure of creditors Omar Marmush and Rodrigo Salazar is not a bar against Keel. The playful Finn Ole Becker and Daniel Kofi Kyre were convinced, while the former Schultz double-headed Simon McKinok and Guido Burkstaller surprised. Among the newcomers, Djokovic was used in medical central care and as a target for Nicola Vasilge.

But even though he was satisfied, the coach advised everyone to come back quickly. “We go to training, keep working, and then Aue is on the doorstep – though now no one wants to hear it.” But before Schultz and the crew prepared for the away game against Erzburg next Sunday (at 1.30pm, at the live center in NDR Day), he was able to enjoy success somewhere else: “I’m going to Johannes ‘Ording’ concert. At times it’s important, “he said with a wink.

Coach Werner: “He was inferior in all areas”

Holstein, on the other hand, had a hangover mood at the hinge. Only a few weeks ago they failed to get out to the Bundesliga at 1 p.m. F.C. Cole (1: 0, 1: 5), and the team in Hamburg were unrecognizable. “We were inferior to St. Paul in all areas, attacking and defending. No aggression, no invigoration and co-ordination”, analyzed KSV coach Ole Werner is relentless.

But the coach also knows why: “The rise was good for us, the production was low. Now all that is missing is that we need to do it quickly, soon.” Werner said the lost exit would no longer play a role in the minds of the players. “It’s a different season. We’re a different team now.” Newcomers Patrick Eros, Steven Skrsipsky, Aaron Fritzonson and Feed Orp, who have been whistling permanently at Miller due to his HSV past, are making room for further improvement.

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Holstein now gets Schalke – in the fight between the Hamburg victims

Keele’s sports director Uwe Stever has already been looking forward to the start: “We can do it very well.” The next opportunity for the “storks” is against FC Schalke 04 on Sunday (1.30pm) – in the Hamburg Victims’ fight from the first day of the game.

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F.C.  Coach Timo Schultz (2nd from right) while coaching with St. Paul's experts.  © Witters

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Second Division Football Team Ludovit Reyes and Tim Leibold (from left) Hamburger SV © Witters Photo: Tim Gruthus

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Second Division Football Team Attack Feed Orb Holstein Kiel © IMAGO / Claus Bergmann

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