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BayStartUP Business Plan Competition: Obscion takes first place

BayStartUP Business Plan Competition: Obscion takes first place

1. Platz Options - Dr.  Bjorn Heller, d.  Nadia Finn
1. Platz Options – Dr. Bjorn Heller, d. Nadia Finn

credit: © BayStartUP – Andreas Gebert.

Biotech startup Opsyon is using antibodies to improve the efficacy and tolerability of cancer treatments – thus achieving first place in BayStartUP’s Munich Businesspan competition. In second place is Divizend, which supports private investors in recovering foreign withholding taxes on dividends. Third place goes to sewing, which makes robotic motor skills more sensitive through their control and image processing software. The competition consisted of two evaluation rounds in which 80 teams participated. Prizes for the winners amount to a total of 30,000 euros.

University potential in Bavaria

With the three winners, biotechnology, application software, mechanical industries and plant engineering were on the podium this year. “Many candidates and competition winners are developing new technologies from universities. BayStartUP works closely with them through workshop offerings and startup advice in order to boost startup activity in the university landscape. Given the vastness of Bavaria, there is still some potential to be tapped. them here,” says Dr. Karsten Rudolph, Managing Director of BayStartUP.

Anniversary of Business Plan Competition مسابقة

This year’s Business Plan Competition celebrates its 25th anniversary and aims to promote business ideas through expert opinions and prepare start-up teams for funding. A good competitive position often helps in the search for investors. As co-sponsor of the competition, Hans Peter Göttler, Vice-Chairman of LfA Förderbank Bayern, says: “The Munich Business Plan competition is a success story. The past 25 years have impressively demonstrated the number of innovative ideas, what a great talent and how brave the founders are. Bavaria. This pays off, because many startups from previous competitions are successful today. Of course, this requires appropriate funding. LfA sustainably supports founders with more enhanced development loans, risk assumptions and venture capital tailored to their needs.” Plus winners All three, the following startups competed in the finals: 247FactoryNet, Accemic Technologies, AVES Reality, Dynamic Video, HyLOG and Invitris.

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