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A nightmare

A nightmare

FC Barcelona are still in crisis. The 0: 3 (0: 1) defeat at Benfica Lisbon makes coach Ronald Koeman’s situation even more dangerous. The Catalans have already lost 3-0 in the first leg against Bayern Munich and are weak in the Spanish league. “Drowning! Another black night for Barcelona in Europe,” the Spanish newspaper headlined AS And showed coach Coman’s picture.


The coach had more and more explanations after the game in Lisbon. “It’s hard to accept. I think the result doesn’t match the game we saw,” the Dutchman said. “Despite the initial deficit, we played well until the 2-0 draw.” The Spanish media saw it very differently and saw the clear words. Especially in the direction of the controversial 58-year-old. “The Commonwealth is exploding in Lisbon,” he ruled Country. The Sports Describes the current phase of the leading club under the title “A Nightmare”.

However, Koman did not want to criticize the position of his team. “But it doesn’t make sense to compare the current team with the team that was there a few years ago. It’s as clear as water. I can only give you an estimate of my work here – and the attitudes I feel through my players and through them are supported,” the coach said. Of Game World He commented that the next Barsa bankruptcy was “another drama”. The Spanish media have already speculated about the timing of Koman’s dismissal. A change of coach is possible during the international break – following the crash against Atletico Madrid on Saturday. According to Country Due to the existing agreement, the preliminary separation will cost about 13 to 14 million euros by the end of June 2022.

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At present, however, the players also seem to continue to support the coach. Changing the coach is not the solution now. There are still enough games to go. We have to work hard to overcome this situation together, “said Frankie de Jong, a Dutchman and Koman.


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