According to the German Meteorological Service (DWT), North Rhine-Westphalia experienced the hottest day ever on Thursday. In the afternoon, it measured about 35 degrees at Munster and Cologne / Bonn airports, a meteorologist said. It was very hot in Lipstot with almost 35 degrees, as well as 34 degrees each in Ennigerlo and Arnsberg.

Severe weather, heavy rain and hail

However, the June record was not broken all the time: the highest temperature ever recorded in the NRW in June was 37.9 degrees. It was measured on June 27, 1947 at stations in Cologne and Coenixwinder.

Friday will again be hot to 34 degrees – and humid. During the day, meteorologists predict heavy rain and thunderstorms, including storms, heavy rain and hail.

The German Meteorological Agency warns of extreme heat and the risk of wildfires

German weather service warns of extreme heat “The heat can be very stressful for the elderly and people in need of care,” the warning said. In densely built urban areas, additional pollution can be expected as night cooling is reduced.

Friday night it should be 22 to 17 degrees in northern Rhine-Westphalia, with temperatures dropping to 14 degrees only in the mountains. The heat warning is initially valid until 7:00 pm Friday. The DWT also pointed out that the risk of wildfires is high. The DWT map shows that the second highest alert level applies to most parts of the country.

Solar radiation increases ozone levels

Intense solar radiation also increased ozone levels on Thursday. At five measurement points, 180 micrograms of ozone per cubic meter of air was sometimes measured. From this value, people are informed. The state Environment Agency recommended ozone-sensitive people such as asthma to avoid outdoor work. “Athlete endurance programs should be postponed to early morning or evening,” the authority in Essex said.

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