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Where does my outer jacket come from?  Who made my bag?  / Track VAUDE Products Worldwide - Transparent Supply Chain

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Outdoor enthusiasts can do it in the online store vaude.com Find out very easily – no matter where in the world the equipment is manufactured. VAUDE provides traceability of products to the place of production all over the world. One click takes you from your chosen softshell, trekking shoe or tent directly to the production facility, where you can get an idea of ​​using photos, information and testimonials.

VAUDE has been committed to fair working conditions and environmental protection along the entire supply chain for years – voluntarily and successfully. The family business shows that supply chain law, as now decided in the German Bundestag, is reasonable and applicable. This is the only way to ensure that companies do not make their profits at the expense of people, nature or future generations.

“We expressly welcome the Supply Chain Act. For the first time, companies are legally obligated to take responsibility for the effects of their actions on global supply chains. This is a significant milestone and an important step in the right direction. We are absolutely convinced that more steps can be taken and more and more companies will take responsibility. It requires It’s a lot of globalization to make globalization fairer,” appeals to Antjee von Dewitz, Managing Director of VAUDE.

transparent supply chain

VAUDE makes the supply chain transparent and shows its customers where the products are manufactured. And this is how it works: just click “Where was it made?” for the specified product in the web store. Click and you will get all the important information about the production site. Photos of the building and the interior provide a behind-the-scenes glimpse right into the production. You can also find out what certifications the product in question meets and where exactly it is. By clicking on the Fair Wear logo, a detailed brand performance check can be viewed, according to which manufacturers are evaluated by Fair Wear each year.

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A leading position in Fair Wear – high social standards and fair wages

VAUDE has around 50 different production partners around the world. About 20% of them are in Germany and Europe, and about 80% are in Asia. The independent organization Fair Wear controls working conditions at all production facilities through annual audits in which workers are also interviewed outside the factory. In addition, grievances can be reported to Fair Wear at any time via an anonymous complaints system that is installed in each product. Producers committed themselves to complying with clearly defined social norms and paying fair wages. VAUDE as a customer is also checked regularly. At Fair Wear’s annual “Brand Performance Check” a few days ago – since 2015 in a row – VAUDE once again received the highest possible “Leader” for its high level of commitment.

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