Kim Jong-un wants

In the row over North Korea’s nuclear weapons program, US President Joe Biden is struggling to find a solution. Now the ruler Kim Jong-un is reacting and relying on the confrontation.

North Korea You must follow the words of those in power Kim Jong-un At the same time for dialogue and confrontation with United States of America Stay prepared. But on the third day of the ruling Workers’ Party’s Central Committee meeting Thursday in Pyongyang, Kim stressed that it is necessary to “fully prepare, especially for confrontation.” State media quoted Kim on Friday that it was important to protect the country’s dignity and interests for independent development. Kim is also the leader of the party.

The internationally isolated leadership in Pyongyang has so far been waiting for the view of Washington’s new policy toward North Korea. US officials have described the new approach as a “step-by-step approach” to the North Korea conflict nuclear weapons program to find a negotiated solution. No further details were disclosed. Negotiations between the two countries have come since the failed summit meeting with the former US President Donald Trump No more progress in Vietnam in February 2019.

March claim: US pursues ‘hostile policies’

Kim did not go directly to the path of the US government. However, he was said to have given at the party meeting “a detailed analysis of the political orientations of the newly established American government towards our republic.” North Korea had already accused the Biden government of a hostile policy in March.

During the Central Committee meeting, the implementation of this year’s most important policy guidelines to date will be analyzed. At a party congress in January, North Korea presented a new economic development plan for the next five years. At the start of the committee meeting on Monday, Kim adjusted residents for a lower food supply.

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